Saturday, 1 December 2012

How to use Mplab X IDE for 16bit Microcontrollers.

     This tutorial will help you to migrate from Mplab 8.xx to Mplab X IDE and from PIC 8bit microcontroller to 16bit microcontroller.

Step 1:
     To get started with programing on PIC microcontroller 16bit you need to install two software packages.
  1. Mplab X IDE.
  2. C30 compiler.
Step 2:
     After installing click on Mplab X. A window will open as shown in figure below.

Mplab X IDE
Mplab X IDE.
Step 3:
     Now go to File>New Project. A new window will open. As shown below.

New Project Mplab X IDE
New Project.

Step 4:
     Click next…then select the 16bit (PIC24) family and controller name on which you want to work on it.

Microcontroller Selection Mplab X IDE
Microcontroller Selection.
Step 5:
     Click next. Then next and then select the compiler C30 for C language. Now the green sign shows that you have installed these compilers. Otherwise there will be red circle.

Compiler Selection Mplab X IDE
Compiler Selection C30.

Step 6:
     And then click next. Choose Project name and the directory in which you want to save this project. It is recommended to make a separate folder for project.

Directory Selection Mplab X IDE
Directory Selection.
Step 7:
     Then click on finish. Now you will see on left side we have a project window.

Project Window Mplab X IDE
Project Window.
Step 8:
     Now your Project is started to add C files inside your project right click on source files in project window New>C main File.

C main File Mplab X IDE
C main File.
Step 9:
     A new window will open. Name the main file and click finish.

Name Main File Mplab X IDE
Name Main File.
Step 10:
     Now your file is added in source file on left side project window. And main file open on right side. Now you have to edit in this file.

Main C File Mplab X IDE
Main C File.
Step 11:
     For build options you have an icon of hammer click on it.
Build Button Mplab X IDE
Build Button.
Step 12:
     Build successful.

Build successful Mplab X IDE
Build successful.
Step 13:
     Now the question arises where is hex file which you will burn in Microcontroller Flash. You can find its location just below the build successful as shown in figure.

Hex File Location Mplab X IDE
Hex File Location.

And that’s all hope this tutorial will be helpful.


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