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My name is Ibrahim. I received my BS degree (Bachelors of Electronics) from COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology, Pakistan with a bronze medal in 2012. From 2012 to 2016, I worked as a design engineer for embedded and power systems in And-Or Logic Pakistan (previously And-Or Logic Inc. San Jose, CA ). I mostly designed sophisticated and technically challenging products. My focus is always on quality, learning, and problem-solving. I am an expert in microcontrollers, digital signals processing, and power designs.

The greatest ever project I did in my life was nvidia Tegra X1 motherboard design with high-speed PCB differential routing of Gigabit, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0.

Tools that I can use efficiently are as follows:

  • Altium Designer
  • Proteus 
  • Cadence PCB editor, Capture
  • Solidworks
  • Logic analyzers
  • Keil uvision IDE
  • Oscilloscope
  • Power supplies 
  • IAR embedded workbench
  • Code Composer Studio
  • Soldering Iron
  • Multimeter (DMM)

Besides all this, I have home-based labs named IbrahimLabs. In which, I do my experimental and test my hobby projects. I Have been working in these labs when I was a 10th-grade student. In 2006, I made my first working electrical circuit (Water Level Indicator). Some of those projects are shown below. Well, I believe in continual improvement. You will see how I improved the designing from 2010 to onwords.

Water Level Indicator (2010):

Started with this circuit of Water Level Indicator. I put this in old cassette box. This is Rev 2.0 (around 2010), the first revision of this circuit was deployed in early 2006 when I was in 10 grade.

Digital Clock using basic logic gates, counters and frequency dividers(2010):

This was my 4th-semester project (around 2010) of Digital Logic Class. I made my first Digital Clock.

Digital Clock circuit into Product (Summer 2010):

In semester holidays after 4th semester (around 2010) I put semester project in an analog clock body. Not so sophisticated at its back but it is still hanging in my room and is working.

Final Pictures of 1st digital Clock in semester holidays

GSM connected device using old Sony mobile T68i:

Intelligent Digital Clock (2011):

This was upgraded version of previous Digital Clock some design stage pictures. In holidays of 6th semester (around 2011) this was upgraded completed with microcontrollers at my home lab.

Some design stages pictures of Intelligent Digital Clock. I also made and Polished frame in my garage. First-time power circuits were also included for energy efficiency and continuous power supply.

Final Pictures of Intelligent Digital Clock. I used RGB LEDs for showing seconds. I hanged this clock on my living room entrance door wall.

AC meter with GSM support to read the power consumption and shutdown:

Electric Iron is the load in this case

Some Photos of simple AC meter with GSM support, @10A, 220V.

Some Work in Altium and projects: 

Altium work in 3D

Altium work in 3D layer by color
Altium work in 3D

Altium work in 3D layer by color

Altium work in 3D layer by color
Altium work in 2D

Some real pics of PCB fabrication in my labs
It is real hard to achieve two layer PCB fabrication with electric Iron but this is perfect printing.
How I do this in my labs please visit: HOME made PCB

PIC32 Microcontroller General I/O board designed inside IbrahimLabs:

This general I/O board is used for USB host applications as well. I implemented USB Mass storage device and USB host keyboard applications on this and was working really great. 

Altium Design

Final design

Power supply is under the microcontroller daughter card

Back side of board

USB host keyboard Application.

For code and video visit: USB HID host keyboard

PIC32 Microcontroller General I/O board with TFT LCD:

Designing in IbrahimLabs:

Actually, IbrahimLabs has three rooms. This is my designing room.

My latest Tracker device project:

Hardware design full 3D in Altium Designer.
Final Components ready to assemble.
Final testing in field. Sending data to IOT server.
This tracker is wearable. Can be tied to wrist.
Whole hardware.

Thank you!

If you like my profile and want to work with me as a passionate engineer and having eager to innovate.

Simply Hire Me.

"Be honest with your work and it will lead you beyond your desired destination."

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