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How to use Mplab X IDE for 16bit Microcontrollers.

This tutorial will help you to migrate from Mplab 8.xx to Mplab X IDE and from PIC 8bit microcontroller to 16bit microcontroller.
Step 1: To get started with programing on PIC microcontroller 16bit you need to install two software packages. Mplab X IDE.C30 compiler.Step 2:
After installing click on Mplab X. A window will open as shown in figure below.
Step 3: Now go to File>New Project. A new window will open. As shown below.

Step 4: Click next…then select the 16bit (PIC24) family and controller name on which you want to work on it.
Step 5: Click next. Then next and then select the compiler C30 for C language. Now the green sign shows that you have installed these compilers. Otherwise there will be red circle.

Step 6: And then click next. Choose Project name and the directory in which you want to save this project. It is recommended to make a separate folder for project.
Step 7: Then click on finish. Now you will see on left side we have a project window.
Step 8: Now your Project is started …